What we do

We teach authentic traditional Chinese ShaoLin Kung Fu Martail Arts. 1,500 years of tradition, philosophy and technique that trains both body and mind. Founded in the 6th century by Ch’an Buddhist monks in Northern China, ShaoLin Kung Fu is the martial art against which all other martial arts are measured. We teach internal and external Kung Fu.
Shaolin Kung-Fu of Asheville is the only school and instructor in this area certified by Master Sin Kwang The’ to teach the ShaoLin Tao system of Kung Fu. Classes are held primarily during the evenings at our school at 619A Haywood Road in West Asheville. Kids (12 and under) and adults study separately, as do the different adult sash levels. Adults come try out our 2 Free Classes on Monday and Thursday at 7pm and Kids Monday and Thursday at 6pm! Show up a few minutes early. Private lessons available.

For more information, to discuss private lessons, or to register for 2 FREE classes, call 828-707-1287 or e-mail AshevilleKungFu@gmail.com
619 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC 28806