Why Kung Fu.

The most common translation for Kung Fu is “hard work.”  Why would anyone want even more hard work in their life?  Luckily for us, kung fu can give powerful answers to that question.  It teaches us how to approach difficult situations and helps us develop skills that lead to improved focus, composure, and confidence.  In this modern world that touts the benefits of healthy living and a strong body, kung fu really shines.  Physical fitness and self-defense are at the core of everything we do.  But this isn’t just another trendy gym – working side by side with other practiced and amateur martial artists will help you build a strong network of meaningful relationships.  You will leave exhausted, but the benefits, whether mentally, physically, or socially, will last you a lifetime.

Adult classes are for ages 13 and up.  Come 15 minutes early and try us out for a free class!

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